11 January 2020


Proud Medalist

Kids eager to start

Hydration Stations

Hydration stations/water stops will be set up along the route. At these stops, you will be able to get water and Powerade provided by Coca Cola. The Hydration Stations are:

  • Beaches Resort
  • The Alexandria Resort—5K turn around
  • Ocean Club West—10k turn around
  • Ocean Club East/Provo Golf Club
  • The International School
  • Heaving Down Rock—Half Marathon turn around

Other important Things to Note

Medical: There will be an ambulance, traversing the course, with Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) on board. The Red Cross will also be available to offer any assistance to walkers/runners while on the course. Once you get back the to finish line, Cheshire Hall Medical Center will have a booth set up with doctors and nurses.

Race Results: The race will be timed by a professional timing company and will be posted on our website, www.moveathontci.com, on race day.

2020 - All results

2019 - All results

2018 - Results by age group

T-shirts: a commemorative race t-shirt will be provided for the first 200 international runners to register. We will also try to provide t-shirts for all local participants; however, this is based on early registration and will be given out on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

What people are saying

Thank you, volunteers, for all you did to make this a wonderful run!! — Steven Miracle

Fun time!! Beautiful and a great destination race !!! So happy to be a part of it !! — Jennifer Berghout

We are so excited to have heard about this race! We will get our travel plans together to make this race in the future — Lynne Frechette Hills

Thanks so much for a really fun race this morning. You guys did an amazing job. I’ve no doubt you will grow quickly and become a great destination race. I will be back! — Eleanor Roche Cumiskey