Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the starting time of Move-a-thon TCI?

The 5k, 10k and half marathon will all begin at 6:00am. The marathon will begin at 5:00am to allow runners to complete the course before the TCI’s sun gets too intense. We will not be observing “Island Time.”

2. What is Island Time?

On the island, we have slightly different timing system…it’s called “Island Time.” In Island Time, everything starts half an hour to an hour late. The organizing committee of Move-a-thonTCI does not subscribe to Island Time. Our event will start on time unless there are unforeseen circumstances.

3. Where is the location of the start and finish?

Move-a-thon TCI will start and finish at the same location—that is the Children’s Park in The Lower Bight. The Children’s Park is next to the Gansevoort Resort.

4. Is there a time limit to complete Move-a-thon TCI?

Yes. To help the Move-a-thon TCI committee with planning and execution, runners will have a maximum of 6.5 hours to complete the course. Individuals on the course after the cut off time, will be offered a ride back to the finish line.

5. If I do not finish in the allotted time frame, will I still receive a medal?

Yes, of course! As long as you complete the course and you are not given a ride back to the finish line. We will have guaranteed finishing/participation medals for the first 200 participants.

6. When can I pickup my race packet?

We are still finalizing a few details on date and location; once that is decided, you will be given the necessary information on where you can collect the race packet before the event.

7. In the event I can’t pick up the race packet before the event, will I be able to collect it on race morning?

Yes, you will be able to collect it on the morning of the event. Ideally, we would like everyone to collect their packets before so that we can have a prompt start. However, if that is not possible, we totally understand.

8. Can we pay for the registration in person upon arrival?

Yes, you may. Please make plans to pay the registration fee before race day.

9. Are there any host hotel or recommended hotels?

We are partnering with a number of resorts to provide you with the best accommodations possible. All of these hotels have graciously offered discounted rates when you reference the codes provided. For more information, click here.

10. How do runners get to the starting line?

We will provide an event shuttle for international runners only. For a small fee, we would be happy to provide any family members, travelling with runners, a ride to the venue. To ensure there is enough space for all of the registered participants and allow for a prompt start, we are asking family members to give runners first preference on the shuttle.

The shuttle will start running at 4:15am to pickup runners in the half marathon and marathon; please be in your hotel’s lobby ready for pickup. For the 5k and 10k, the shuttle will start running at 5:15am.

11. Will the race be chip timed?

Yes, we have a professional race timing company coming in to provide computerized start and finishing times as well as computerized results.

12. Which charities does Move-a-thon TCI support?

We are a proud supporter of Nutrition in Demand. Nutrition in Demand is a nonprofit organization aimed at raising awareness to the importance of health and healthy eating.